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Four big shows in one location. Haunted Castle, 3D Haunt, A Clown maze and vortex, and a Haunted Ghost Town and Cemetery. More Boo for your Buck! Plus large inflatable Childrens Haunt, Food, Photo Ops, andmuch more.
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WELCOME TO FEAR OVERLOAD Are you ready to experience true fear? With our brand new unique Haunted Attraction, we will bring your worst nightmare to life! With over 25 years of combined haunting experience, our lead design team is highly distinguished for our prestigious and thrilling attractions. Join us this October in Sacramento at the Westfield Downtown Plaza for the most frightening experience of your life! Purchase tickets online or at the front door! How our haunted attraction is DIFFERENT: 1. No "cheap scares" - Yes, we have also seen those terrible horror movies and walked through our fair share of haunts. The problem is these days that many haunts use mostly "cheap scares" involving only loud noises or scaring patrons from the front. Here at FearOverload we do things differently. We work hard to make your blood boil deep inside you by attacking every possible fear and exploiting as many senses as possible. We scare you from all angles and you will NOT be safe from fear even if you are standing in the middle of your group. 2. No forced guided tours - We feel that a tour guide in a haunted house is not very scary. Since we are a high thrill haunted attraction, we force you and your friends to adventure through at your own pace in groups of 1 to 4 people. Trust us - this makes it a much more frightening experience - maybe even a little too frightening! 3. No reused props/scenes - Nothing is more disappointing than walking through your favorite haunted house only to recognize some of the same rooms and props from the year before. At FearOverload we decided to scrap everything, we're talking the full 100%, and start fresh building unique and creepy rooms with new props. Our goal is to implant fear and scare you to death! We think you will agree. We know what scares you, you know what scares you - let's do it again this October!

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Featured on TechTV as one of the scariest high-tech haunts in the country. Now 3 times larger than last year - 2 stories and 10,000sq. ft. Located in Carmichael (near Sacramento) Open Oct 10-12 and 17-31 Sun-Thurs 7-10pm and Fri and Sat 7-12am For more info call 916-SCARE ME (722-7363)
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We are a family run Home Haunt in the Almaden Valley in San Jose. Come see our haunted graveyard and tour our haunted garage. We offer a Low Gore Haunted House, more scares, less guts, but more fun! Safe for humans of all ages.There is no charge for admission, but donations are always welcome.
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Art & Imagination LLC, producers of Gyro's 3-D Fear Factory (formerly World of Terror) have kicked it into high gear with this year's event.
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The mysteries and illusions in this home haunt have been amazing visitors every Halloween since 1973. Oct.29-31 7PM-11:30PM Free
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A Bay Area Haunted House. We do our best to give you the absolutely best scare possible. Unlike other Haunts we do not rely on animatronics to scare you, we are much simpler and that just makes us that much scarier.
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Immerse yourself into a frightful haunted experience at this premier commercial Halloween Haunted House in Northern California.
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Southern California's NEWEST and SCARIEST haunted attraction. The spirits of the Haunted Motel have recently posted a vacancy sign for the month of October. Afraid to wander the dark narrow halls of our 15 room motel alone? Don't be. Our entire staff lies waiting to serve you.  They'll appear when you least expect...jump to your every whim...and extend a hand out of nowhere. Although our guests are never turned away, our accommodations may not be suited for the faint-of-heart. You decide. Come check in. Be warned...you may never check out!

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We are 2 HUGE spooky Halloween walk-through Haunted House mazes. You will jump! You will scream!This haunted house benefits 3 charitable organizations!
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