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Haunted Houses and Attractions in Georgia.

We have our haunted house set up on our property. It consists of 10 rooms, hallways,and a maze. Check out our web site, then come on down and see us, if you dare....
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For 21 years Newnan, GA, just south of Atlanta, has been the place to go during Halloween to visit one of the most talked about haunted trails in the United States. Since opening in 1984, Horror Hill has attracted many thousands from states away. Now, new for 2005... Vertigo Haunted trail and Hayride! Sneak Peak Weekend! Open Sept. 2nd and 3rd, 2005! See our web site at www.horrorhill.com for more details.
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Visit our site for more details!
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Every year The Harvestman finds a lonely forgotten town and plants a seed of evil in an ancient burial ground. As the season of Halloween nears, the dead rise and foul creatures are drawn to the place to answer an ancient call. The Tree thing must be fed, and the Door to the NETHERWORLD shall open once more! Woe to those who fall before the reaper of the Dark Harvest...
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Over 20 rooms of horror and mayhem. No guided tours here, you are left to find your own way out through the dark. It may take you 15 minutes to half an hour to maneuver through this house... it all depends on how fast you run!
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Our true story, photos and EVPs about our REAL haunted house in Georgia!
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This year, Phobia promises to be more haunting than ever. Four all new haunted houses, two scare zones and a haunted swamp will force you to face your phobias. Whether you fear clowns, doctors, hospitals, the dark, or water....welcome to the nightmare!
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PsychoShack Haunted House - Atlanta, Georgia's newest Haunted House, will be one of your favorite haunted attractions! We research our locations for haunted history, and bring you a true ghostly experience! This Atlanta Haunted House brings years of experience in production design, lighting, film, and engineering. Don’t miss Georgia's newest haunted house.. will you be the one that sees a real ghost while inside? Ghost Hunters and Psychics will meet you for an experience you will never forget! YOU WILL BELIEVE!
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From the creators of Fear III The Edge of Insanity comes a new, more awsome thrill!
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The Augusta Ghost Walks is a 90 minute walking tour of historic Augusta, Georgia. Tickets $12.00 for Adults, Children 6-12 are $6.00 Every Wednesday, Thursday,Friday and Saturday evenings.Tours begin at 6PM, 7PM, 8PM & 9PM. Located at 739 Broad Street, next to thehistoric Imperial Theatre.
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