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3 houses of intense and truly impressive effects! A ton of work went into this exquisitely crafted horror house gem nestled on the edge of nowhere in the woods. NOT intended for children. Located in Calhoun, Louisiana. Well worth the admission!
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House of Carnage has been bringing terror to the bayou region for the past 6 years, now we are coming to Houma, Louisiana. Come witness the area's most horrific haunted house experience. All the terror, no filler. 7000 square feet of mind-bending horror. House of Carnage....Where nightmares become reality!!!!
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Witness the Rebirth of Horror as we bring you The House of Shock 2009. This is our 16th year of horrifying the masses.The House of Shock 2009 will be our biggest and best year so far! Our location hasn't changed from last year, and this has given us a unique opportunity to reimagine what we are. This year we are able to take the twisted ideas that we have had over the years and bring them to life. There are lots of new rooms, characters and themes in 2009. The House of Shock is one of the most infamous Haunted Attractions in the world! Located right outside of New Orleans, The House of Shock has enjoyed national and international exposure through such publications as Rolling Stone Magazine, Maxim and Playboy. The House of Shock has graced the covers of many industry magazines and music publications alike and have been featured on VH-1's Rock Show and Fuse-TV's Uranium. The House of Shock was recently awarded #71 on VH-1's "100 Most Metal Moments"! One of the many features that sets The House of Shock apart from other attractions in the world is it's multi-media stage show. Performed 2-3 times nightly, this ornately choreographed performance is highlighted with live actors, stunts, music, video, state of the art lighting, pneumatic effects and more pyrotechnics than a full on rock concert! Also, for no additional charge there is a second entertainment stage with live freak shows & local and national bands performing nightly. Hungry? HELL'S KITCHEN is back with "Devil Dogs" and "Possesed Popcorn" and many other festival favorites. If you need a little more... Our full service bar is there to give our customers a little dose of "Liquid Courage" to see them through! There will also be plenty of House of Shock exclusive merchandise available! All in all The House of Shock is fun for the whole family! Come see why we are rated "The Most Intense Haunted Attraction in the World
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All your nightmares come true at Louisiana Nightmares Louisiana Nightmares (now in it's 9th year) is located in downtown Alexandria at 1134 3rd Street. Our home is in a 100 year old haunted two-story building just a few blocks from the Red river.
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Coming this October to Hammond, Louisiana, RISE: Dark Souls Unleashed. In an experiment that went terribly wrong, or amazingly right, depending on your point of view, the dead will walk again. Mindless zombies thirsty for blood...Awakened souls seeking revenge for their interrupted slumber...Evil infested bodies eager for human flesh...No one is safe from the hordes of hungry undead when they catch the scent of fresh, live humans. Are you prepared for an unforgettable Haunted House experience. Visit RISE this October... And bring a friend...but expect to leave alone...
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The 13th Gate is the ultimate haunted house! Journey through 13 very frightening themed indoor & outdoor areas where your worst nightmares come true and anything can happen. From crawling thought a Crematory oven and an old hearse to being lost in dark underground tunnels or even finding yourself standing on a rickety bridge overlooking hundreds of live snakes, this haunted house is definitely not recommended for the faint of heart.
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Being unleashed in 2009, for the first time in Shreveport, LA, comes a terrifying, exhilarating haunted house. The Ultimate Fear Haunted House will be in the heart of Downtown Shreveport, and is sure to scare thousands of patrons in its opening season. Located at 1035 Texas Ave.., less than 1 mile from the Texas St. bridge, in a 12,000 sq. ft. building dating back over 100 years. The Ultimate Fear will offer up some of the greatest fears that someone could possess. Afraid of spiders? Crazed lunatic clowns? Or chainsaw wielding madmen? The Ultimate Fear will open up to countless thrill-seekers on Friday October 2 at 7:00 p.m. for its inaugural season. It will be open every weekend Friday-Sunday, and most of the last full week in October. Disclaimer: The Ultimate Fear takes no responsibility for those who panic, or those that get scared too badly, and can’t continue.
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