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13 Houses of HorrorUnlike anything you've ever seen before?..thirteen separate houses to horrify you for the price of one. most authentic Haunted House.Free Hay rides to and from the site.Dates: October 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 and November 1stTimes: Dark till the Midnight hour.For More Info Call 1-573-642-7246 or 1-877-207-0829 Directions: Take exit 144 south off I-70 just 1.8 miles Not responsible for Nightmares!
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We are a haunt ran out of the third floor of an ambulance base in Thayer, Mo. We have history of actual paranormal haunting. Check out the website links to see information about investigations done in our building. Every year we ask Them to help us. Come check us out and see if you meet on of Them.
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For years, the Arcane Industrial Company has researched the fine line between life and death, and their discoveries are quite frightening. Come walk the line with us this halloween season.
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N.W. Missouri's Biggest and Best! 8th & Francis Downtown St.Joseph, Missouri Open Fridays and Saturdays September 14th - October 6th and nightly October 6th - November 3rd. Admission is $7.50 doors open at 7pm.
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2010 will be our fifth year in production, and this year will be even bigger and scarier than last year. This year's theme is 13 Days of Fear! Every kind of monster or creature will populate our haunted world. For additional information, please visit our official website: www.ozarknightmares.com. Also check out our videos on youtube, our fansite at www.ovfans.ozarkartworks.com, and follow us on FaceBook, Myspace and Twitter!
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Inside the manor a mad genius once discovered the secret of extracting fear from his victims as trophies for his collection of terror. Now those fears are trapped inside, waiting for those who are brave enough to enter. No amount of screaming can wake you and your nervous laughter can’t protect you. In one of these rooms your worst nightmare has come to life and is waiting to confront you. It beckons you into the darkness…do you dare? At Raycliff Manor, if you're not screaming, you're already dead!

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The Largest Halloween event ever is the all-new Screamworld in Fenton. Screamworld is the only event which offers 7 haunted attractions for one ticket price. Tickets are $14.50 for adults and $10.00 for kids under 12. Screamworld is open every Thursday-Sunday October and every night Halloween week. Doors open at 7pm-10:30pm on weeknights and 6:30pm-12:30am on weekends. For more information visit our website, Scarefest.com or call our 24-hour haunted hotline at 314-631-8000.
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Silo-X located in Saint Louis, MO. will leave you mutated. Enter a top-secret military base filled with radiated ghouls around every corner.
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We spent nearly one million dollars to create the all new Darkness for the 2001 season. If you have never been to a haunted attraction before, this is your year and event! Tickets are $13.50 for adults and $10.00 for kids under 12. The Darkness is open every night in October from 7pm-11pm on weeknights and 6:30pm-12:30am on weekends. For more information visit our website, Scarefest.com or call our 24-hour haunted hotline at 314-631-8000.
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The Darkness is one of the nations best haunted houses, period! You will find entering The Darkness more realistic than any horror film you've ever seen. Open every September through October in Saint Louis, Mo.
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