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North Carolina Haunted Houses and Attractions

Haunted Houses and Attractions in North Carolina.

Boogerwoods Haunted Attraction located in Rockwell NC has been rated #1 for most entertaining haunts in the Carolinas..
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Rated one of the top 10 haunted trails in the U.S. with all proceeds going to Cystic Fibrosis. Will be celebrating our 25th. anniversary with all new Spinning Booger Tunnel and all the other favorites like Flatbacks,Club Booger,Twister,Boogerassic Park,Booger Meat Packing and more. A sell out each year.
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The corn comes alive, but you won't leave that way! Brevard Jaycess prove that the freaks come out at night and you will be lucky if you make it throught the maze!
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What are you afraid of? Come join us for a walk of terror on our trail of fears, not the same old haunted house visit but a wicked collection of your deepest fears set up to give you the time of your life...or death
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A little girl has a facination with clowns... as a young woman, she discovers the dark side of the clown world. Welcome to Mary's NIGHTMARE! Over 8,000 sq ft of NERVE SHATTERING NIGHTMARE! Maniacs in makeup; freaks in a fog tunnel, and a pitch black maze...and that's not even the scarry stuff.
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Haunted Trail, Old Burying Ground and Outdoor Maze
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The only haunted trail devoted to an evil version of the Wizard of Oz. All the main characters are there, plus a few surprises! Also, on Oct. 15, George Lutz, the man whom the Amityville Horror was based, will be at our trail!
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Halloween event in the Asheboro/ Franklinville area of NC. Held in a real haunted location! Produced by FearZoneinc. Everyone has a fear!
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Entering into our 7th year of scaring. Who would have ever thought a walk through the forest would be so frightening? Proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.
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NC's newest event! An actual haunted location with over 7 attractions for ages 13 up, Family, and kid's too! Brought to you by FearMax Productions.
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