Haunted Houses and Attractions in the United States

North Carolina Haunted Houses and Attractions

Haunted Houses and Attractions in North Carolina.

It's Official!!! LEATHERFACE, R.A. MIHAILOFF FROM "TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE" will make a special guest appearance at X-TREME FEAR FOR 4 DAYS!!! OCTOBER, 22, 23, 24, AND 25TH... All around us there are lesions in the fabric of reality. Places where the evils that lie beneath fester and erupt to the surface… Into the dimension inhabited by unsuspecting mortals who are unfortunate enough to be in the most horribly wrong place at the worst possible time. The minions of this horrid realm invite you in with open arms, hollow souls, and a thirst for living flesh. Will you accept there humble offer of communion within this nightmare? Will you take the chance that may force you to join their horrible reality for all eternity? If you are lucky you may make it out alive, but even then your dreams will be forever scarred with… X-TREME FEAR!!
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