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Ever wished you could be in a Horror Movie? Be careful what you wish for! The 6th Street Massacre Haunted House looks like a horror movie, feels like a horror movie, until you find yourself trapped in a Horror Movie with no way out. How does it all end? You won't know until the final scene. The Sixth Street Massacre Haunted House is as immersive, as in your face as you can handle! Think we can't scare you? Buy your tickets now at YouCantScareMe.com and find out that we can. Come to the Historic Route 66 Amarillo World Premiere of the 6th Street Massacre in the abandoned movie theater on 6th Street. 11 years in the making is this year’s 6th Street Massacre. You may have been to one of our previous haunts (7th Street Massacre, West Campus Massacre and Center City Massacre). This is all about seeing how many people we can make wet their pants, cry or PASS OUT! If high energy, IN YOUR FACE action is what you want, you’ve come to the right place. 6th Street Massacre is often described as “Too scary”, “Too Long” and “Those guys are nuts!”. Imitated but never duplicated. Our only competition is ourselves and we have out-done ourselves each year and this year will be no different.
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Two vampires under the cover of a funeral home gather their victims to feast on. Withces, werewolves and ghosts inhabit the mildewed halls awaiting the unsuspecting victim to enter in.Open Ocotober 24th 25th 31st, and November 1st 7-9 pm Free admission for one trip through the haunt, donations required for more trips through.
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Help the Bonedaddy raise some Bone$ for his favorite charity. Dallas, Fort Worth and the Metroplex are in for a spooky treat and a great time as well!
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Rated Top Ten in 2001 by USA Today! An early show delights kids, while the late show is only for the bold and fearless. 27,000 sq feet of terror. Coupon on the website!
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World's Largest Haunted House, An experience you can only hope to forget...Located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth in an abandoned meat packing plant. Address is 1701 E. Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth Tx 76102.
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Dallas ScareGrounds was voted BEST HAUNTED HOUSE in 1998 by the Dallas Observer. In 1999, we were recognized as one of the country's BEST SEASONAL HAUNTS by American Way magazine. And, in 2001, were named BEST HAUNTED HOUSE in the Metroplex by dfw.LifeOnTheNet.com.
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A New and Exciting Haunted Attraction in the DFW area of North Texas.
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A huge warehouse converted into a zombie infested military base where there's chainsaws galore. Located @ 2215 W. 2nd St. in Odessa, Texas.
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Dallas and Fort Worth's Premeir haunted house listing and review web site.
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Returning for the 16th award-winning year! Voted Best Haunted House by the Dallas Observer, rated 5 Bloody Daggers by the Star Telegram; Best in Texas by Goblinhaus.com; and #1 Haunted House by Fearguide.com. A staff of paid actors guarantee the scare of your life. Follow the Searchlight to the Dungen of Doom. Visit our website, read our reviews, find maps and discount coupons.
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