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Scares and monsters in a scientifically proven haunted house! Actual footage of paranormal happenings inside the building will be presented as part of the show. Our interactive attraction lets you explore the building. You decide where to go and how long your show is...get lost for hours if you want! Awesome art work, props and make-up. Located in Ogden Utah, just a short drive from Salt Lake City. Do you believe in ghosts? Come see for yourself!
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High startle, low gore haunted house at Hollywood Connections 3200 S. 2200 W. West Valley City Utah (across from the E-Center)
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The Haunted Miniature Golf is a 9-Hole black light course with a Halloween theme. You won't find anything else quite like it! It is mildly scary (for young children) so parental guidance is encouraged. It's designed to be a fun haunt for dates for teens and young adults.
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As seen on the Travel Channel Secerets T.V. show, Donny Osmond Presents Utah. For a small fee you can take a trully haunted look into Utah and it's History
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Creepy crawly delights and frights will abound at one of the scariest amateur spook alley's in Utah. 2002's Haunt saw over 400 visitors with over 500 cans of food donated to the Utah Food Bank.2003 will be even bigger, with many more chills and thrills.
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Ogden's premier Home Haunt. Why give an arm and leg to be scared to death ... we'll do it for free!
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Welcome to Lazarus Maze, a look into the Bellshire Mental Hospital '10. We present this award winning indoor, walk-through haunted house every Sept and Oct. On our website you can find all the information you need from ticket times, prices, direction, stories, cast or all about the real hauntings at the Historic Exchange Building.
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Insanely good! Come see for yourself. Visit our site for reviews, photos, directions, and more.
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Reapers Keep is Northern Utah's newest haunted house. Step out of your world and into the Reapers.
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Now in our 22nd year of haunting, Rocky Point has been rated the #1 haunted attraction in the country for both 1999 and 2000. We change and update the show annually, and this year we're featuring 8 separate attractions within the larger haunt. Experience the attention to detail and professionalism in set design, makeup and acting that we've become famous for, at 3400 South State Street in Salt Lake City, or visit our website for more info.
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