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The Rosehill Hotel has an extraordinarly rare and evil history. According to lore the guests were brutally attacked by Dr. Lucius Blackburn and one by one tortured and kept hidden throughout the once quaint and beautiful Rosehill Hotel which is now known as the Insanitarium. He has turned it into a playground for his evil experiments. There is a rumor that he's running out of patients and looking for new ones. Who will survive the reign of terror that Dr. Blackburn has unleashed. FEAR FACTORY INSANITARIUM redefines what it is to be a haunted house. We push the limits on our interactivity and surround our guests with a truly terrifying environment. We pride ourselves on our strong actors and unique spaces, which when combined create a scare like no other. Open every Friday and Saturday night - October 11 thru Nov. 2 from 8PM til Midnight. Admission $18 - visit the website for a $3 coupon. We are located at 6303 Main Street The Colony, Texas 75056
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Gore House is an emmersive walk-through haunted attraction filled with terrifying live actors, special effects and horrific scenes. Be careful. You might become an unwilling participant! Gore House 118 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN 37075 Just a few minutes north of Downtown Nashville!
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Alaska's premier Halloween Attraction. Tickets available at the door OR online at www.gatewaytodarkness.com Not recommended for under 12. Special under 12 hours--Sundays from 4-6.
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For years, the Arcane Industrial Company has researched the fine line between life and death, and their discoveries are quite frightening. Come walk the line with us this halloween season.
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JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO GO OUT AT NIGHT!! IT’S COMING BACK!! THE BEAVER HOMES HAUNTED HOUSE WILL ARRIVE SOON!! Picture It – An old building in the country, a maze that walks through time, and as you walk, real creatures of the night come to give you a fright. Find it before it finds you – 31105 Beaver Homes Rd in the haunted community of Goble OR. From either the North from Rainier, or the South from St Helens, as you come into Goble, turn West on Nicolai Rd and follow the signs into the dark woods. The Hauntings will be on OCT 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 and 31 from 6:30 TO 9:30 PM $5.00 at the door Scared to come out at night? The haunted house will be open on Oct 29TH from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Rides will be provided from the Rainier Pumpkin festival to the house on this day only. $4.00 at the door While you are busy upstairs battling the creatures of the night, children and scared adults can play games and have treats downstairs. Check out last year’s Halloween video at: http://youtu.be/noWeBof-1Go
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The Haunted Barn is an animatronic Haunted House. Located in Concord Arkansas. Insidious room, vortex tunnel. Not your little kid Haunted house. Gruesome,gruesome scenes. Open every Friday and Saturday nights in Oct. $5.00 person per person 501-887-6543
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Voted 3rd best in the state in 2006 on hauntedillinois.com! This terrifying haunted house with mystifying illusions and ghostly holograms is set in a 1930's funeral home on the square in Petersburg.Open 4 weekends in October.
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One of New Jersey's last old fashioned ride through Dark Haunted Mansions. Your car is pulled along the dark hallways of a two level mansion. Experience good old fashion scares. Dark Ride Pretzel track Opened in 2003
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Coming this October to Hammond, Louisiana, RISE: Dark Souls Unleashed. In an experiment that went terribly wrong, or amazingly right, depending on your point of view, the dead will walk again. Mindless zombies thirsty for blood...Awakened souls seeking revenge for their interrupted slumber...Evil infested bodies eager for human flesh...No one is safe from the hordes of hungry undead when they catch the scent of fresh, live humans. Are you prepared for an unforgettable Haunted House experience. Visit RISE this October... And bring a friend...but expect to leave alone...
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Wicked Woods Haunted Forest,LLC. Wicked Woods is a 10 acre professional outdoor Halloween haunted attraction in Spotsylvania (near Lake Anna) that takes victims through over a quarter mile into the deep woods of Virginia to experience many horrific scenes with intense scares from live actors, professional movie quality props, animatronics, professional makeup effects from movie FX artist Jim Choate (www.eyetrixme.com) and witness disturbing scenes of live interactive horror! No tourguides..no flashlights.. just you alone with the legions of undead.... COMING 2009! Many new scenes and changes! As you enter the Castle of carnage onto the dungeon of darkness, enter a dimension of endless horrors where no one can hear your screams but the creatures of the night.. can you escape the tormentor's blade? The twisted circus and gorehouse of the carnage clowns await your visit and the inhabitants of the deadlands are hungry for fresh meat. Can you stomach the sick room? Come visit our local hostel where you will check in and maybe not check out, unless it's in a bodybag... enter our meatlocker, where you may see others not so lucky hanging around...see first hand what happens when the dead don't remain dead... your nightmares will come true in these unforgiving dark woods. These are just a few hints of the pure horrors that await the bravest of souls only.Over 20 walk-through scenes of your darkest nightmares come to life. The nightmare returns October 2010-- stay tuned for details and updates!!!If you have what it takes to explore our wicked woods, the creatures of the undead are dying for your arrival...but beware, they are thirsty for blood. Not for the faint of heart and not recommended for ages under 12.
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